These are the Avocados.
You may know them.
Or not.
But now you can at least pretend you know who they are when you see them "in real life".
(so go up to us and act like we're really huge rock stars, okay? pleeease!)

"Sure" Mike Prather

Vocals, Trombone, MIDI Composer, Glowsticks

Curtis "Hardcore" Harwood
Vocals, Guitar, King of the Rhythm Section, Pool Shark

Chris "Gigantor"  Mayse
Drums, ENFORCER, Goofy Noise Maker 

Vann "Pretty Boy" Piazza
Bass Guitar, Supermodel, Surfer 

Billy "Wild Bill" Garretsen
Trombone, Artwork, Freestylin Flows 

Ben "Sax Machine" Solis
Sax"O"phones, Official Whiner, Dictator of the Horns 

Jeremy "Beaker" Baker
Trumpet, Shirt Designer, Frat Daddy

Danny "The Mac" MacDonald
Trumpet, Mac, Fly Dancer