Vann "Pretty Boy" Piazza

Name: Vann Piazza
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Marital Status: Single, and mingling amongst the chick-a-dees

Vehicle: Arctic White (Soon to be silver) Nissan 300zx (Not Curtis Brandtm)

Instrument: Funkadelic Bass Guitar

Likes:  His agent, Zippo, Mountain Dew, Abercrombie&Fitch, Import cars

Dislikes: Fitzgerald's dick.gif (3385 bytes)

Favorite Site:

Interesting Fact: Held hands with Gwen Stefani twice during the recent NoDoubt Concert where he had pit tickets

Hidden Talent: Undetermined at the time

Current Favorite CD's: One Minute Silence, Sevendust, Pitchshifter, No Doubt, KMFDM