Sure Mike at Transit"Sure" Mike Prather Take that!
wicky wicky wicky...
Name:     Mike Prather

Marital Status:      Single like a mofo

Instrument:    Vocals, Bach Stradivarius Model 34 Trombone (really old)

Vehicle:    1995 Chevrolet Corsica

Likes:    snacks, raves, glowsticks, ridin the Micro scooter, Tekken 3, beer

Dislikes:    Liars; People who slam on their brakes; Fingernails on a chalkboard; Ignorant people;

Interesting Facts:    Knows every answer on Jeopardy!, Knows that Transformers are cooler than Go-Bots

Signature Dance Move:    the Glowstick Skank

Mike has a sexy voice (or so he's been told by several girls) and likes to play around on guitar, bass, and keyboards.  Look for Sure Mike at raves!