Ok, this section hasn't changed in a long time, but now, IT'S TIME TO BUST OUT THE WALLET AND BUY MORE HG! STUFF!!!

Here's the new T-shirt design
!shirtdemo1.JPG (24304 bytes)

It's a Navy Blue 50/50 Blend T-shirt.  Shouldn't shrink or fade.jumpingkid.gif (20537 bytes)
Availiable in Adult M,L,XL
(Medium is pretty small, like a girls size maybe)

If You would like to order a shirt, email (That's Jeremy's email) and we can figure out how to mail it to you or make other arrangements.  Otherwise, all merch will be availiable at all Holey Guacamole shows.

Last... Think you have a good idea for an HG! shirt??? LET US KNOW! Maybe you can have your very own design on the next HG! shirt or sticker!  Just drop us and email or picture or design!  We'd love to hear from you!  Email here -->  CLICK HERE

COMING SOON -- Chick shirt! (Ya know, a tight boob shirt)