Jeremy's '90 Toyota CELICA GT

Here is my simple page to show off my car a little bit.
Don't expect a fancy page.  This is just for my car stuff.

mycelicafrontside.jpg (155851 bytes)
This was before I got the amber foglamps.  Clear corners were custom made by me.
mineinfront.jpg (83635 bytes)
My Celica with Vann's 300ZX
mycelicaback.jpg (104773 bytes)
Custom red-out turnsignals.... This is the view most Hondas see....
myinterior.jpg (54595 bytes)
And finally, my custom interior.  All done myself.  White trim with anodized aluminum shifter knob.  Pedals soon to come. 
Also, Pioneer 3000 CD player.  Subs to come.

My car's MODS. so far...

Clear Corners and Running Lights

custom made by me

Amber Dichroic Projector Foglamps


Custom Interior

much white trim and a cool shifter.  also blue dome lights.   chicks dig it.

Red-Out Taillamps

much better than ugly orange.  custom tinted by me.

So thats it so far.  More mods as I get money!